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Organic Grass-Fed Whey

Natural Force
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Natural Force® Organic Grass-Fed Whey is the best organic, grass fed whey protein powder on the market. We source the raw organic, non GMO whey protein concentrate exclusively from grass fed cows raised on California family farms and carefully craft each batch without soy or any other unnecessary ingredients.

The cleanest whey protein for the healthiest you.

Your body deserves the very best.

  • Sourced from heritage breed Jersey cows with year-round access to pasture
  • Carefully crafted to preserve bioactive peptides and immunoglobulins
  • No gluten, soy, or fillers
  • Light, clean flavor
  • 20 grams of clean protein per scoop
  • Four ingredients or less

Blend for best results

Nutrition You Can Trust.

We work hard to make sure that at every stage of the process our Organic Whey Protein is the best quality product in the best quality packaging.

We guarantee every bag is:

  • Always free of unnecessary fillers, synthetic colors, or anything artificial
  • Third-party lab tested for quality and purity (See test results HERE)
  • Manufactured in a cGMP (current good manufacturing process) certified facility
  • Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International
  • Certified Humane by American Humane
  • Certified Keto and Paleo-Friendly by The Paleo Foundation

Clean Protein Comparison Chart

Organic Whey Protein

Organic Whey Isolate

Organic Bone Broth Protein

Grass Fed Collagen Peptides


20g per Serving 20g per Serving 20g per Serving 10g per Serving

Best for

Weight Management & Muscle Recovery Muscle Mass & Muscle Recovery Gut Health & Joint Support Beauty & Joint Support

Sourced From

Organic Grass Fed Cow's Milk
Organic Grass Fed Cow's Milk
Organic Grass Fed Beef Bones Organic Grass Fed Cows

How to Use

Blended Smoothies, Shakes, & Baking Blended Smoothies, Shakes, & Baking
Blended Smoothies, Shakes, Cooking, & Baking
Blended Coffee, Smoothies, & Shakes


1lb, 2lb, & 5lb 15 Servings 15 Servings 15 & 30 Servings


Unflavored, Cacao Bean, Vanilla Bean Chocolate Unflavored, Vanilla, & Chocolate Unflavored

Learn more about Organic Whey Protein on the Natural Force blog!

Care for Yourself, Care for the Planet.™

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